Rootcandi catering service

Celebrate in style with rootcandi. We’re now offering catering for events and functions, and we promise it’ll make your event that much more special. rootcandi offers something different for your next event. We’ll provide some of the very best plant-based food available in the UK, from our restaurant favourites to a few unique dishes exclusively available from our catering service.

Not only is it food that that will impress your guests, but we are proud to provide food that is edible by everyone. With an entirely plant-based menu, and the vast majority of it being gluten-free, worrying about specific dietary requirements of your attendees is one thing you won’t have to deal with in the run up to your event. Simply get in touch with us on the form below for a quote.


About the catering service...

  • Suitable for events with between 50-500 people
  • Available for a wide range of events, including corporate, festivals, wedding, family celebrations etc.
  • We are Brighton-based but able to travel - please let us know where your event is being held
  • Please get in touch by filling in the form below, or calling the restaurant on 01273 965904
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When is your event?