About Rootcandi


Rootcandi is a vegan restaurant in the heart of Brighton & Hove focused on Pan-Asian food.

Eating at Rootcandi is a truly unique experience. A dynamic, ever-changing menu, that is creatively conjured up by the chefs on a daily basis and centred around the fresh produce they’re able to obtain from local farms that very day means that no two evenings at Rootcandi will be alike. It also means the restaurant can all but eliminate food waste and minimise their environmental footprint.

Drawing from a wealth of varied cuisines across the Asian continent, meals consist of a set of individual tapas-style dishes, presented on a tower and designed for sharing. The result is a truly communal experience, with diners plucking at dishes from the tower and discussing every dish in detail with each other. Be it an excellent ice breaker on a first date, or a shared meal with close friends and family, Rootcandi delivers an unrivalled sense of connection with dining partners.

A focus on vegan and plant-based dishes has unlocked a world of potential. From rare Japanese vegetables to intense Indian microherbs, Rootcandi will take you on a culinary journey across a continent in a single meal.

Rootcandi is careful to perform all of this whilst also showing respect to the environment and the inhabitants of this planet. From the vegan dishes prepared in the kitchen, to the cruelty-free soap you find in the loo, every detail of the Rootcandi experience has been scrutinised to ensure the restaurant can stand by a simple philosophy: do no harm.

In that sense then, Rootcandi is showing itself to be one of the most forward-thinking restaurants around - an understanding of the impact of food beyond your tastebuds, both on the environment and socially. The result is one of the freshest meals you’ll experience on the UK foodie circuit, in every sense.