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All pros, no cons!

"Rootcandi seems to be a newish restaurant above the Iydea cafe. The atmosphere was great and the staff were extremely polite and well informed, happy to talk about all the dishes and asking for feedback. All the food on the menu was vegan, so it was great to have so much choice. The menu was broken up into sets of dishes from around the world. We had the Asian selection, but all equally sounded lovely. I would definitely recommend the carrot dumplings, which were delicious! As was the fruit tart and ice cream. Would definitely recommend.

Pros: Polite and helpful staff, Delicious food from around the world
Cons: None!" - WeatherMonkey on HappyCow

The best food in the UK

"The most amazing food I've had in the UK. Yesterday was an experience of taste sensation. I've been to most of the vegan friendly restaurants in Manchester, Glasgow and London, but this is simply the best food I've had so far." - VictorHugoLimachi on HappyCow

Veggie or not, here you come

"I’ve eaten at Rootcandi several times now. I’m not vegan or a vegetarian and must admit to liking meat and fish with most of my meals. Most vegetarian restaurants I’ve eaten at I’ve left feeling like it just needed a little bit more and I’ve missed not having a piece of fish. I do not have this problem at all with Rootcandi, the food is delicious and I have no need for a meat fix afterwards. Everything has a delicate balance, so not over spiced or loads of chilli in everything to give it flavour. They do a tapas menu which is beautifully presented on three tiers and extremely tasty. They do some lovely organic wines at a reasonable price and for pudding my favourite is the chocolate and beetroot pot which is gorgeous. The environment is very warm and welcoming and the staff are friendly and helpful and are happy to explain what the dishes are and the ingredients. I of course will be going back again, and don’t be scared to go if vegetarian food isn’t normally your thing. I guarantee you’ll love it and leave satisfied and full." - CharlieT79 on TripAdvisor

10 out of 5 stars?

"This is truly amazing food. It looks *so beautiful* and tastes incredible, with inspiringly creative combinations of colours, flavours and textures. The staff are fantastic too; warm, professional and highly committed, as well as striking the perfect balance between being super helpful and giving us the space to enjoy our meal at our own pace. The whole place has a great atmosphere; perfect for a relaxed night out or a special occasion. (In fact it will be a special occasion as soon as the food arrives.) I will be making a trip from london again soon, just to eat here again! Delicious is an understatement. I give rootcandi 10 out of 5 stars." - Viola Sampon on Facebook

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September 2016

"I was very impressed with the quality of the dishes and the chefs are clearly an inventive and creative bunch. Having only tried the one tapas set I would be interested in seeing how the others stand up, but based on my experience I have no reason to doubt the quality. The restaurant was lively and busy even on a Tuesday evening and so it appears that I am not the only one who has been impressed with their food. Well worth a visit, even if you are a carnivore like me." - Food, Booze, and Reviews rootcandi review


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July 2016

"Brilliantly inventive, delicious dishes range from a tasty Pipian Mole – a green tomato and nut sauce, served with roasted squash and cauliflower –to Japanese style Daikon Summer Rolls made with rice flour, stuffed with crisp vegetables and peanuts, served with a lemongrass dip. It’s wonderful to see this level of creativity on a vegan menu. I loved the themed sharing tapas towers." - Coast Magazine review

June 2016

"Every time food was put down on the table in front of us, I would “wow” out loud, overall the entire meal was such a excellent experience. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, the location is great, and both of the members of staff we had the pleasure of speaking to were polite, knowledgeable and accommodating." - Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat rootcandi review

"Our waiter came over to ask how we'd found our meal and I replied "It was one of the best meals out I've ever had", which I completely stand by. rootcandi blew me away with their impeccable service, fantastic staff, beautiful presentation, delicious food, attention to detail and everything about the meal seemed top quality." - Nourishing Amelia rootcandi review

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May 2016

"Although Brighton is blessed with a good range of vegetarian restaurants, the concept and format here makes it quite unique. I can't see many people not being impressed with their meal and I'm sure as they evolve it will get even better. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or not, Rootcandi has plenty of appeal." - The Graphic Foodie rootcandi review

APRIL 2016

"The food was tasty and served in portions that enabled me to try and few things without feeling as if I'd overeaten! For me, it was a perfect meal and I know where I'll be eating when I visit Brighton again." - Eating at rootcandi was so good, we went there three times in five days - Plantshift's rootcandi review

"It was fine dining at it's best. The attention to the detail of every dish was nothing less than genius, the service was impeccable and the food itself was the best I have had in a long time." - Raspberry Ketchup review

MARCH 2016

"Overall, with the utmost of sincerity, the quality of the produce you will experience at Rootcandi coupled with the unique way in which the dishes were thought about, prepared and presented make for an utterly delightful dining experience." - Restaurants Brighton rootcandi review

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"Having such flexibility in options means you can really build a meal that suits your tastes, and the tapas are also orderable individually if you want to go completely off-piste. These were delightfully presented on turnable towers meaning no awkward leaning across the table. It’s hard to choose a favourite but my top three were the steamed carrot dumplings, the hot noodle salad and the oozingly creamy cassava pot. I could have eaten a whole dish of that!" - Sareta's Kitchen's favourite vegan spots in Brighton


"Normally we’re my-food-is-my-food kinda girls and we were a little concerned that we’d start subtly fighting over food, or eating quicker to make sure we got our ‘fair share’ (this isn’t just us, right?), but we’re so pleased to say that the whole sharing side of things was really enjoyable. We got to ooh and aah over the same dishes, when normally we’d order separate things, and it really added a talking point to the evening. First date ice-breaker anyone?" - Brighton Style Magazine rootcandi review


"Every dish was exciting to eat with a real balance of textures and flavours to keep even our carnivore happy. It was also extremely filling. We really didn’t need our fresh mint, broad bean and cashew pate on toasted sourdough starter but we’re jolly glad we over ordered as it was absolutely beautiful. To quote the carnivore: “I could eat this green paste stuff until it’s coming out of my ears.” Which we think speaks for itself." - Brighton Source rootcandi review

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"As if the presentation of the bread didn’t deliver enough of a wow factor, when the main came out in a gigantic tower of tapas I was almost speechless. I absolutely love food. I get irrationally excited by food. This almost made me fall off my chair with delight. I don’t think many restaurants can claim that." - Gluten-Free Dining Guide review

"The thought and creativity that has gone into each dish at Rootcandi is very apparent. There is no mistaking the passion and enthusiasm of the staff and the concept they are championing. Dining at Rootcandi is a delicious, unique experience whether you are vegan, veggie or carnivore. I overheard the couple at the next table describing Rootcandi as their new favourite restaurant and I doubt they will be the only ones." - Taste Brighton rootcandi review

October 2015

"I had to try the Pan-Asian tapas. What a delight for the senses! Brilliant perfectly paired asian fusion foods in light, refreshing and innovative plates, only matched by their beautiful and striking presentation on custom-made three-tier displays. Too pretty to eat?!" - Burger Abroad Rootcandi Review

September 2015

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"With so many new meat-heavy places opening at the moment, it’s refreshing to have Rootcandi on the scene, too. They’re planning to make the entire menu gluten-free, which will appeal to a lot of people. But dietary requirements aside, this place is definitely worth a shot if you’re just into food and want to try something a bit different. It was packed on a Wednesday night, and I have a feeling this is a concept that’ll go down a storm in Brighton." - Brighton & Hove Independent Rootcandi Review

"When it comes to innovation in vegetarian food, Steve Billam has been at the forefront in Brighton’s restaurant scene. His fast food canteen Iydea, opened its first branch in Kensington Gardens in 2006, providing a delicious alternative to the soggy beanburger. And now the first floor of the second Western Road branch, which opened in 2013 is home to his latest project - Rootcandi, which is billed as the UK’s first vegetarian tapas restaurant." - The Argus Rootcandi Review

August 2015

"I don’t even know where to start. Our eyes widened as soon as our set was placed on our table. The presentation was incredible and mouth watering. I really had to stop myself from digging in before taking these photos. The Stanmer set included a delicious beetroot risotto, courgette fries, roasted aubergine, courgette and cucumber spaghetti, roasted butternut squash balls and a fennel and grapefruit salad. I devoured them all so quickly, changing my opinion on which one I liked best after each mouthful. The beetroot risotto really was just a little bit insane. The creaminess of the texture mixed so well with the crunch from the beetroot crisps that the risotto was topped with. I also fell in love with the courgette and cucumber spaghetti, partly because I love eating spiralized courgette and also because of the added sprinkling of raisins and walnuts. If this all really wasn’t enough we got offered dates stuffed with (what I think was) cashew butter and goji berries with our bill." - Honestly Holly's Rootcandi Recommendation

"After much deliberation we went for the 'Preston - South American' and 'Stanmer - Modern European' sets and were very impressed! Each had been carefully selected and put together for their complementary tastes and textures and the great selection of dishes were presented beautifully in wooden bowls on tree style displays. You are also able to swap over the different dishes in the sets should there be something else that you would prefer to try. The service was great and we were given a lot of information about each dish as it arrived." - Maria Allen blog Rootcandi Review

"Proving just what’s possible with a plateful of plants, Rootcandi takes the best aspects of tapas-style dining and applies it to an entirely unexpected type of cuisine." - We Love Brighton Rootcandi Review

"If you’ve been to either Iydea branch, you’ll know the setup is pretty laid back. Walk in, join the queue and walk along the counter choosing a mix of tasty dishes until there’s no room left on your plate. The decor at Rootcandi matches the casual feel of Iydea but you can expect a much more refined dining experience in every way, from the innovative dishes to the excellent service." - Rootcandi Review

"It's incredible food, little bowls of exquisite, beautiful creations that are actually really filling - and great service." - Raw Rhubarb's mention of Rootcandi in her August round up

JULY 2015

"The choices on the menu are eclectic, ranging from crisp courgette tempura (yum!), to a sharp tomato salad and rich roasted aubergine to a gorgeous lentil cake. All the flavours were there and a little spice too. Everything is presented on a specially designed rotating dish stand and whilst we easily ate everything up, it was plenty and I felt contentedly full afterwards." - The Sensitive Foodie Rootcandi Review