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100% plant-based | Cruelty-free / Ethical / Vegan

Below is a sample menu. Rootcandi does not have a static menu - we invite our kitchen to be creative and inventive every day, with a focus on quality.

This means that every evening at Rootcandi will be different, and no experience will be the same.


GF = gluten-free • N = contains nuts
All of the menu is suitable for vegans and contains no meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal products.

Please note, this is a sample menu.
A lunch menu is available from Monday - Friday 12:00-18:00.




Miso soup • 1.75 • GF

Steamed dumplings • 4.95
sweet chilli dipping sauce

Roll-your-own temaki • 7.95
nori, sushi rice, vegetables, rolling instructions!

Edamame beans • 4.75 • GF
miso, sesame, chives




Black bean curry  • GF
roasted sweet potato, mint

Stir fried aubergine
chilli bean sauce, pickled chilli, spring onion

Sweet tofu • GF / N
braised daikon, beetroot cream



Stir fried greens • GF
mixed greens, tamari, sesame seeds

Mushroom fritters
oyster mushroom, lotus root, garlic aioli

Bao buns
mushroom, courgette, kewpie mayo



Sticky rice • GF

Smoked tea salad • GF
lapsang souchong jelly, seaweed, chilli, courgette

Selection of pickles • GF / N


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