Rootcandi is 100% vegan

However, vegan ingredients do not define our food - the taste and experience does. That's why, whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or neither, your menu and dining experience at Rootcandi allows the food to take centre stage, without you having to workout which dishes you can and can't eat.

People have asked us why our menu doesn't mention which dishes are vegan. Rest-assured, they all are. When you go into Rootcandi, we only provide food that's plant-based. However, we prefer to let people know from the outset. In fact, we believe we have the best vegan food in the whole of Brighton.

Gluten-free is a priority for us

As with our vegan dishes, we want the food to take centre stage. Rootcandi is made for sharing, and everyone should be able to enjoy it, regardless of dietary requirements.

Whilst not every dish is gluten-free at Rootcandi, the vast majority of them are. As we have continued to work on and develop each dish, we've made 18 of our 24 tapas dishes gluten-free, and are continually striving to better this.